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CITY OF WILLIAMS, Rose Newbold, Recreation Coordinator
July 26, 2001
"Bryce Aspen Stillwater, The Balloon Lady...was absolutely marvelous! We had 65 children come to our program today and she had these children enthralled. Her program was truly spectacular. She is so well prepared and energetic that the children never lost interest for a minute. From the beginning until the very end our children were listening, laughing and thoroughly enjoying Ms. Stillwater's special brand of storytelling.

I would recommend Ms. Stillwater's program to any and all organizations that are involved with children. Her program will be a cherished memory, for the children fortunate enough to be here today, for years to come."

"Ms. Stillwater's bright and cheerful demeanor, novel approach to storytelling and professional attitude was delightful."
"Watching her smile, construct animals from balloons and tell stories at the same time was truly awesome."
  CITY OF SANTA BARBARA, Marge Fauver, Eastside Branch Library Supervisor
"Bryce Aspen Stillwater, The Balloon Lady, provided two back-to-back programs at our library for Halloween 2001. The audience, primarily preschool age, was so very enthusiastic about her program that they could barely contain themselves. If you can imagine 48 squirming, excited, laughing children - you have the picture. She certainly had complete audience participation!"

CITY OF PEORIA, Joyce Reed, Youth Services Librarian
May 14, 2001 Valentine's Day Program
"Ms. Stillwater's way of telling stories as she twists balloons is unique and entertaining. her jouful spirit and sense of fun is infections."

"It is obvious that Bryce loves what she does and enjoys entertaining her audiences. I can, without reservation, recommend Ms. Bryce Stillwater's presentation as a wonderful addition to your programming plans."

DESERT FOOTHILLS LIBRARY, Jerry Jones-Florman, Youth Services Librarian
"Thank you for a service that expands and enriches the lives of all who see your show."

Miranda Wilson, Public Relations

"Bryce Stillwater has presented quality programs for the 17 Salt Lake Libraries for seven years. She is dependable, invest time and energy into choosing just the right material for her audiences, and is always well prepared."

"Bryce is experienced at dealing with large audiences and her programs have been so popular that we limit preregistration to 100. Her programs incorporate stories, are very library oriented, and appeal to a wide range of ages including toddlers, young children and even adults. I would recommend her programs to other libraries and hope you will give her due consideration."

Please contact Bubbles at for Island Performances at Hawaiian Island Library Locations

AMBASSADORS OF PEACE PROGRAM - Comments from the parents in the audience:
"The balloon program was fantastic! I LOVED the theme of peace at a time when our children so desperately need to learn about love and peace in their world."

John Berkeland, Youth Services Librarian

"I'd like to thank you for bringing "The Peace of Father's Day" to the Tempe Public Library."
"Your two performances delighted over 100 adults and children, and judging from the smiles you generated, the "Balloon Lady" made a roomful of new friends."
"Thank you once again for sharing your time, talent, and enthusiasm with the Tempe Public Library!"

Valentine's Day

The Balloon Lady celebrates the Holiday of Love at the Casa Grande Library, February 10, 2004, with Balloon Twisting, Storytelling, and Magic.  Come, join the FUN at 7:00 p.m.


Cell Phone: (480) 628-4739 In Hawaii: (808) 329-8188